I know all of you are anxious to see the new film Eragon the very first day it hits theaters-- I can feel your excitement from here. Sadly, you'll just have to wait until the film's actual release date (December 15, btw) in order to experience the big-screen adaptation of Christopher Paolini's magical novel about a farm boy who learns his destiny is to be a powerful Dragon Rider.

However, if you just can't wait until December 15 for some hot Eragon action, you're in luck because Vivendi Games and Fox2000 have your back. Well, they have your back if you buy the Eragon video game being released on November 14. What's this all about? Let me explain. If you do get the Eragon game, which is being released simultaneously for all platforms, you'll also get an exclusive sneak-peek at the movie included with the game. This sneak-peek features stars Edward Spellers, Sienna Guillory, Garrett Hedlund and Robert Carlyle discussing their roles in the movie and their participation in the making of the video game.

I have not read the Eragon books but I'll admit a big love for this genre -- so I'm looking forward to seeing the film when it comes out. While I do think it has the potential to be great fun, I'm pretty sure I can wait the extra few weeks to see the actual movie and not rush out to get the game. That said, if any of you do rush out and get the game, be sure to let me know how the bonus features are. Just because I won't be buying it doesn't mean I'm not curious.

Here's a quick question: Does releasing a video game before the film ruin the anticipation at all? Since the game is based on the movie, are you gamers okay with those spoilers being present or would you rather wait to see the movie before buying the game?

[Via IGN]

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