It might be a little cynical, but nothing says "Oscar bait" like a historical romance rooted in real-life tragedy. Certain films just seem designed for awards and a new film based on a novel by Irène Némirovsky looks like it might be one of them.

Variety has reported that Universal Pictures has bought the screen rights for the Irène Némirovsky's book Suite Francaise. Némirovsky was a popular writer in France before WWII, and had been finishing Suite Francaise shortly before being sent to Auschwitz, where she later died. The novel was lost for sixty years, but was discovered by family members after her death, when they mistook the work for her diary. The book was the first two parts of what was supposed to be a five-part epic about the German occupation of France, but never finished. Suite Francaise was published in 2004 and Némirovsky's novel still fascinates readers as a lost masterpiece about WWII.

Ronald Hardwood, who also penned the script for Roman Polanksi's The Pianist, is adapting the book. The story uses the early days of the Nazi occupation of France as the backdrop for a romance between a French woman and a German soldier. Since the project is still only in the writing phase, no other deals have been made for a cast or director.

[via Movie Web]
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