I still pine for Arrested Development -- it was one of the best shows on TV and Fox slowly choked the life out of it through poor marketing and unfortunate time-slots. Okay, so this is hardly news and it's probably time I let it go. Will Arnett, who played the hilarious eldest brother Gob on the show, is keeping busy with the upcoming Let's Go To Prison and has just finished shooting The Brothers Solomon, both directed by Bob Odenkirk.

MTV news has a profile on the Odenkirk film; it also stars Will Forte of Saturday Night Live -- who also wrote the screenplay. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross (another Arrested Development alum) were the creators of the Mr. Show sketch comedy series which aired on HBO from 1995 to 1998. The movie centers on two brothers who are inept in romance, but as a gesture to their comatose dad, they decide to provide him with grandchildren.

It's a bizarre premise, but considering the cast's skill with a more bizarre brand of humor, they might actually manage to make it funny. Since Odenkirk, Arnett, and Forte, have all worked in improv; I'm sure there will be plenty of footage to choose from for the final edit.

[via VH1 News]