If you're the sort of DVD collector who loves nothing more than the kitschy little key-chains, chatchkes and doo-dads (and you're a big fan of Kevin Smith'sClerks 2), then you'll want to hit Best Buy on November 28. And make it during your lunch hour, because you'll be leaving the store with a decidedly unique Happy Meal.

Best Buy is offering an exclusive "Mooby's Fun Meal Box," which includes the Clerks 2 DVD, a cup, a visor, a Mooby's name tag ... and a box. Looks like this extra-special meal will set the Askewniversers back an extra ten bucks for the additional treats. ($29.99 MSRP, although that will undoubtedly go down during the week of release.)

Frankly I don't think the Mooby's toys are all that worthy of an extra ten smackers, but then again I'm not much of a memorabilia collector. The movie, though, is a winner, and I'll definitely be adding C2 to my collection soon.

[Thanks to JoBlo for the tip and the pic.]
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