Poor Scarlett Johansson. The Guardian's Joe Queenan has a piece up slamming the actress with gems such as, "Basically, her acting repertory consists of staring intently at the person she is speaking to, keeping her lips spread apart, and hoping no one will notice that she is no threat to Meryl Streep, and not all that much of a threat to Hilary Duff ." When you're being compared unfavorably to Hilary Duff -- that's gotta hurt.

Queenan goes on to enumerate Johansson's string of box office (and acting) failures, including in that list her BAFTA and Golden Globe-nommed performance in The Girl With the Pearl Earring ("listless and vacant"), The Island ("hopelessly miscast"), Match Point ("passive and useless"), Scoop ("thoroughly implausible"), The Black Dahlia ("ridiculously out of her league"), and The Prestige ("entirely extraneous"). Harsh words, but does Queenan have a point?