Well, we don't have long to wait before we find out if Rocky Balboa will be the swan song of Stallone's iconic character, or whether it's just going to be embarrassing -- from what we've seen so far, it could go either way. Rocky is one of film's most famous underdog stories, and the one thing that everyone remembers from Rocky mythology is the famous run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Rocky Stories: Tales of Love, Hope, and Happiness at America's Most Famous Steps
was written by two Pulitzer Prize winners who were fascinated by the people who came to the steps thirty years later to re-live that moment. Michael Vitez and Tom Gralish spent a year at the museum photographing and interviewing the people that had come to have their very own Rocky moment.

The book wasn't created directly to be a tie-in for the film, but I'm sure the timing doesn't hurt for everyone involved. Sylvester Stallone contributes his own theory in the forward to the book as to why people are still running up the steps after all these years: "You can't borrow Superman's cape. You can't use the Jedi laser sword. But the steps are there. The steps are accessible." The continued fascination with the Rocky steps goes to show how much movies can mean to us sometimes. If you could visit a famous film spot, which one would it be?