While I'm not a huge comic book fan, Spider-Man never ceases to make me anxious and excited, even with Dunst's stabs at romance. When our Mark Beall linked the new Spider-Man 3 trailer the other day, I clicked in a hurry, anxious to see how the new cast additions would look. The trailer had all sorts of nail-biting action, great Sandman bits and some Harry Osborn, but while there was lots of Topher, there was no Venom.

However, an un-aired trailer has been leaked on youtube. Some of the CG isn't complete, but it shows some different scenes, and more importantly, it gives us our first look at Venom! He looks a lot more exciting than a whiny guy trying to avenge his father. With this leak, my impatience for the film's release is growing by the millisecond!

Without further ado, click away before the trailer disappears!