Often described as "doll-faced," actress Marian Marsh broke into movies at the dawn of the sound era and retired only a decade later, having appeared opposite some of the screen greats. As Christopher already reported, she died of respiratory arrest Nov. 9 at her home in Palm Desert, California. She was 93.

She briefly appeared in Howard Hughes' infamous Hells Angels (1930), but her big break came with the role of Trilby in Archie Mayo's Svengali (1931), opposite John Barrymore. Barrymore apparently approved of his leading lady because they worked together again in Michael Curtiz's The Mad Genius (1931). Other co-stars included Edward G. Robinson in Five Star Final(1931), William Powell in The Road to Singapore (1931) and Boris Karloff in The Black Room (1935).

Ms. Marsh was often cast as a victim, menaced by others. This was the case in A Girl of the Limberlost (1934), in which Louise Dresser played Marsh's domineering mother; Marsh often cited it as her personal favorite of her films.
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