Stephen ChowThis is me on the weekends: I sit around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for a new Stephen Chow movie. (It used to be Terry Gilliam, but that's over between us until I hear he's really doing Good Omens.) It seems like ages and ages since I laughed my way through Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer. I've been grabbing eagerly at any crumbs of news about Long River 7, aka A Hope, the film Chow is currently shooting in China. The film has been described as "the Stephen Chow astronaut movie" and "the Stephen Chow sci-fi film" and "whatever we have to wait for him to finish before he does Kung Fu Hustle 2."

So you know, I jumped like a rabbit when MonkeyPeaches posted a photo from the set of A Hope (MonkeyPeaches isn't very good about linking to individual entries -- you'll have to scroll down the page to find the story and picture). It's not even a picture of Chow, but of a spaceship that's part of the movie. MonkeyPeaches also quoted a summary of the plot that appeared in a Chinese newspaper: Chow plays a single dad who loses his job and gives his son a toy he found in the trash ... except the toy turns out to be a powerful object from another planet. Compare this summary to the one MonkeyPeaches reported in September (which also includes a few pictures of Chow on the set of the film). Then compare it to the storyline that Martha heard about back in July. It's like one of those group games where you whisper something from one person to another down a long line and it keeps changing in weird ways. All these slightly varying stories are making me even more curious and eager about the film. At least it's stopped sounding frighteningly like a heartwarming family drama, and more like something with potential for some goofy comedy. That spaceship does look wonderfully cheesy. We'll just have to wait, and wait, and wait to find out for sure.

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