Bob Giraldi probably isn't a name that sets off the bells on your radar. But I bet you're familiar with his story-based music videos from the eighties. When a brawl was about to break out, he filmed Michael Jackson breaking it up for a dance fest in Beat It. He chronicled Pat Benatar getting kicked out of her home, working for a men's club, and finally bringing the rest of the girls together to wiggle their chests defiantly while saying that Love is a Battlefield. He also had Lionel Ritchie Running with the Night and falling in love with a blind girl while continually saying Hello.

These days, Giraldi has been busy with short films and advertisements. However, he's now stretching things out a bit and directing a feature. Production Weekly has reported that Giraldi will head The Lion's Share, a piece written by playwright Tom Donaghy. The drama deals with the Carlsons -- a suburban family whose secrets are exposed to their community when their teenage son cordons himself within their home.

This part doesn't sound intriguing, and the film could easily be really bad or surprisingly good. What does catch my eye, however, is the bit about one lieutenant's interest in making sure the kid survives the day. Number one, what's his interest? And, better yet, where is the danger in being holed up in a house? Is he suicidal? And, as intrigued as I am, a little part of me still hopes that it is all solved with a dancing montage.

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