For those who unfortunately wound up looking like fools in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, the following story might give you great joy. As rumors regarding various lawsuits swirl around the net, one man not involved in the film took things a little too personally. Following an appearance on an episode of Saturday Night Live (which aired on October 28), Sacha Baron Cohen (still in full Borat attire) approached a man on the street as he and friend Hugh Laurie were heading to a bar for some post-show drinks.

Reportedly, Borat told the man, "I like your clothings. Are nice! Please may I buying? I want have sex with it." Well, turns out he was speaking to the wrong New Yorker, as the unidentified man promptly punched Cohen in the face ... over and over again until Laurie finally jumped in and saved the day. Either this dude was the only one on the planet who had not heard of Borat, or he was simply in a bad mood. In his defense, it was probably way past midnight and if some crazy Kazakhstani approached me on the street and asked to have sex with my clothing, I probably would have clocked him too. Fortunately, Baron Cohen escaped serious damage, but the incident will probably keep Borat off the streets for the time being.

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