Seven times did Roger Moore wrap himself in the mantle of James Bond ... do I have to look up the titles? Hell, no, not a wretched Bondgeek such as I -- I could do it blindfolded: Live and Let Die, The Man With The Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, and, the absolute all-time nadir of the series, A View to A Kill. Let's see, 1973-85, a 12-year-long fashion violation, a veritable limbo game in which the image of Our Hero was pitched lower, ever lower. And finally Bond literally turns up in clown makeup in Octopussy.

One dozen years of vacant bimbos, horrendous puns, and obsolete gadgets ... remember the pretitle sequence of Live and Let Die? Behold, o mortals! The futuristic wonder of ... the digital watch! Oh, how the God of Bond Movies tested our faith during those years. Sometimes, it's hard to remember how good Bond films can be when they're at their best, following a Moore marathon (or, if you will, a Mooreathon). All those twtichings of what Anthony Lane described as "Roger Moore's stunt-eyebrows ... " Now that these terrible films have been dredged up for DVD, they're worsened by commentary tracks by public-school accented second unit directors, reminiscing about "Dear Wodger's" sense of humor, like the time he hid Bernard Lee's Metamucil, or something ...

But today, let us praise seven moments during Moore's tenure. It wasn't all bad, was it?
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