It's official, Uma Thurman is determined to become the next queen of the "Rom-Com", and you have to wonder why, considering My Super Ex-Girlfriend was a bit of a dud. Thurman's new film, The Accidental Husband, has finally gotten around to casting some husbands -- Colin Firth -- who, for better or for worse, will always come to mind when we hear the words Mr. Darcy, has joined the romantic comedy currently shooting in New York. According to Variety, Jeffery Dean Morgan (Grey's Anatomy) and Sam Shepard have also joined the cast.

The story centers on a local radio talk show host (Thurman) who gives relationship advice. Of course, it all backfires when a disgruntled caller decides to wreak havoc on her love life. Firth is cast as Thurman's husband with Shepard in the role of the crusty but lovable father -- is there any other kind in these movies?

It seems like Firth is slowly becoming the go-to guy for romantic comedies that want to add a little "class" to the proceedings -- call it "the curse of Bridget Jones" but Firth also has just finished working on Helen Hunt's Then She Found Me and Anand Tucker's When Did you Last See Your Fatherwith Jim Broadbent. Now if only Uma Thurman could pick a movie that doesn't look like it came from Meg Ryan's reject pile.