Not long ago, we told you how that big-screen remake of the television show Dallas had hit a roadblock, losing everyone in the cast with the exception of John Travolta. However, at the time, most expected filmmakers to re-cast the pic with some less expensive talent and jump right back on schedule -- I believe the exact words from Variety were, "Robert Harling's script may be tweaked, but a major overhaul is not planned." Well, now it appears that so-called "major overhaul" is very much a major reality.

According to, filmmakers have decided to toss Harling's script to the curb after a few focus groups in the Midwest found the thing way too dramatic. In fact, they wanted a lot more of the funny. Therefore, the script will be re-written as "a show-within-a-show" type comedy. Oh, but it gets worse -- some folks are comparing this latest version to the big-screen TV remake of Bewitched, which starred Will Ferrell and Nicole Kidman. And with that, I think it's officially time to kill this project. Production was supposed to start this month, but was delayed until January because of the recent disappearing cast issues. Now, with a total re-write on the way, I expect Travolta and director Gurinder Chadha to drop out and send this puppy back to the drawing board.

What do you think about this new direction? Should they scrap Dallas completely? Were any of you really looking forward to this?

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