After years in the "talking" stages, Frank Darabont is finally about to step up and direct a big-screen version of Stephen King's novella The Mist, which is a pretty kick-ass story, if you ask me. Our own Matt Bradshaw reported on the deal a few weeks back, but I just recently came across a rather excellent video interview with Mr. Darabont over at IGN Movies. And I thought it was worthy of sharing. That's how much I care.

During the chat, Franky D (who also adapted King's Shawshank Redemption and Green Mile for the silver screen, in addition to a 1983 short based on The Woman in the Room) discusses why he's keen to do lean 'n' mean monster movies, the inspirations he earned from Danny Boyle, and the various differences between doing "genre" and straight-ish dramatic pieces.

For those who question Frank Darabont's genre skills, let's not forget that he wrote the only really good Freddy sequel (Dream Warriors), an extra-nasty remake sequel (The Fly 2), and a goo-monster remake that's seriously underrated (The Blob). He also wrote Kenneth Branagh's Frankenstein re-do, which is a horror in multiple senses of the word.

And I don't think it's been "officially" announced yet, but generally-accepted buzz indicates that Thomas Jane will be tapped to play the lead in The Mist. Cool.
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