As a huge fan of movies and comic books, believe me when I say I'm sincerely trying to get excited for Mark Steven Johnson'sGhost Rider film starring Nicholas Cage. I have nothing against Mr. Johnson or Mr. Cage, and if Mr. Johnson is to be believed, Ghost Rider will be the greatest comic book-to-film adaptation ever made ... and It's just me who thinks the movie is going to suck big time. I have no reason to doubt his enthusiasm or sincerity regarding his film -- I would expect nothing less from the director. But still, it's difficult for me to expect anything more than total disaster given the promomaterials put out for the film so far.

Maybe its just that I haven't seen the right materials to spark my interest and overcome my gnawing cynicism that the film is on the bullet train to sucksville? Or perhaps all I need is new or different material that I can see on the big screen -- instead of on television or the internet? Maybe that will turn things around in my mind and allow me to see Ghost Rider for the cinematic gem that it must surely be? If so, then I'm in luck (and so are you other skeptics out there) because Sony Pictures is going to be showing even more Ghost Rider promo stuff in front of several movies starting this December. How do I know? Well, the scoop came from the director himself (via Comic Book Movie):

"Yup. It's true. For the whole month of December Ghost Rider will be playing it's FIRST LOOK, which is a few minutes of clips and interviews, in front of PG-13 and R-rated movies at all AMC theaters. Again, we're governed by the MPAA, so don't expect anything too intense there, but it's a nice segment. There may be a softer "PG" version running before NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM but that's not for sure. Posters will start going up in the next week or so, and then standees, and then REALLY cool outdoor stuff that will be on the side of buildings and billboards. December really kicks things off in a big way."

Again, I cannot fault the man for his gushing enthusiasm. He certainly has that in spades. If that's all it took, Ghost Rider would shatter all negative preconceptions about it and be a monster hit for sure. if only that's all it took. Ghost Rider drops into a theater near you in the much-coveted February 16, 2007 release slot.
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