There are times when casting news is like a make-your-own-sundae. You walk up to the smorgasbord of sugar knowing what tastes good. In this case, it's when our Chris topher Campbell reported about Michael Ian Black's new film, The Ten. Then, you start piling the goodies on top of your ice cream, every one looking better than the next. In August, Martha Fischer reported that the already solid cast sporting the likes of Paul Rudd and Amanda Peet had grown to include actors such as Liev Schreiber, Gretchen Mol, and Rob Corddry. You decide that although you want twenty more toppings, your mountainous sundae will do. But then, you spot the shining cherries.

In this case, the cherry isn't a simple maraschino, but a large, juicy cherry pickled in kirsch. Justin Theroux, who has been linked to the project since the beginning, will be playing Jesus. I don't know the details, but the New York-based vignette comedy includes one that takes place in Mexico City and centers on that Chris t guy. I haven't been so excited about casting notices since Bruce Campbell's Elvis befriended Ossie Davis' JFK.

Granted, I'm biased. I, like many women, have a thing for Justin Theroux. Sure, he looks like a deliciously dirty angel, but he also picks varied parts and he's a man of all traits -- he doesn't only act, but he also paints and speaks Chinese. He's taken Kyle MacLachlan's spot as David Lynch's it-boy, and he helped Crispin Glover make Full Throttle tolerable. Forget Jeremy Sisto and James Caviezel, Justin Theroux is my personal saviour.

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