These days, Hollywood has taken the much-coveted built-in-audience to new levels, acquiring properties wayyy before they arrive on the streets. A good example would be Joel Silver's latest venture; the famed producer has gone and optioned Empire, an upcoming book and video game series, with hopes to adapt the thing into a feature film (dare I attach the word 'franchise' to the end of that last sentence).

Along with author Orson Scott Card, Donald and Geremy Mustard (of Chair Entertainment Group) worked to develop a video game prototype of Empire, which will first be seen in book form when it's released on November 28. Silver Pictures then snatched up the rights, and will work alongside Warner Bros. in an attempt to turn it into a huge action film. Oh, but not before the comic book. That's right, they're spreading this bad boy all over the place -- first the book, then the comic book, then the movie and, finally, the video game. All will take place within the same universe as the book, but at different points in the story.

Wait, you probably want to know what the story is about, right? Well, in the near future, the President is assassinated, the White House is bombed and the country is on the cusp on civil war. When all the blame is put on this one poor dude, he sets out to clear his name. Think The Fugitive meets the end of the world. I must say, it takes guts to put all your faith in a franchise as big as this before it has a chance to find an audience. What if the book fails? What if it doesn't grab enough attention? Let's keep an eye on this one and see if Silver's gamble pays off.

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