Hey, did you know Casino Royale was coming out this Friday? After a four-year wait, we now have a new Bond in Daniel Craig, as well as a new direction for the entire franchise. Early reviews indicate the film is wicked cool, and I for one am very excited about it. Martin Campbell returns to the directing chair, having last helmed 1995's Goldeneye. He becomes the first director since John Glen (who directed a whopping five Bond films) to direct more than one 007 flick. (The other three dudes to do that were Guy Hamilton, Lewis Gilbert and Terence Young.) Royale's Bond girls (Eva Green and Caterina Murino) look perfect -- a combination of sexy, exotic and dangerous -- which is something the last few Bond films have lacked. Am I leaving anything out? Oh yeah, the bad guy. Does it get any better than Mads Mikkelsen?

For your viewing pleasure, Cinematical has already kicked off its Seven Days of 007 feature. For the next seven days, we'll be taking a closer look at James Bond, his girls, his enemies and the twenty films that we have either grown to love or loved to hate. Where will Casino Royale fit in? In just a couple of days, we'll have our answer. However, before we begin gushing over the legendary character, I'd like to know which Bond films failed to entertain. Which ones did you absolutely hate? For me, it's a toss up between A View to a Kill and The World is Not Enough. The latter I dislike for obvious reasons -- c'mon, you can't do any better than Denise Richards? The girl was a complete moron -- but besides that -- who's bright idea was it to have Michael Apted direct this flick? Sure, the guy is great at what he does, but boy did he fail here. As far as A View to a Kill is concerned, aside from a groovy song by Duran Duran, was I the only one who was completely freaked out by Grace Jones. Ugh, just thinking about her in this film gives me the bad kind of goose bumps. And while Christopher Walken should have been an awesome bad guy, in my opinion, his talent was completely wasted.

So, I ask you: Which films showed James Bond at his worst?