It's Monday morning again, so you know it's me, Sandie, with your weekly box-office results. Is it muggy where you live too? Here in NYC it's muggy and humid and gross. At least the (bare) Christmas tree is up now at Rockefeller Center, so the holiday season is officially upon us. Enough about me, though, and on with the show. Patricia predicted the following movies would take the top five:

  1. Borat
  2. Stranger Than Fiction
  3. The Santa Clause 3
  4. Flushed Away
  5. The Return

And here's what the box office acutally looks like:

  1. Borat, $29.0 million
  2. The Santa Clause 3, $16.9 million
  3. Flushed Away, $16.7 million
  4. Stranger Than Fiction, $14.1 million
  5. Saw III, $6.6 million
Pretty close, but 'Stranger Than Fiction' didn't open nearly as well as most of you thought. After tallying all of your picks, here's where everyone is in the weekly standings:

  1. Patricia -- this week: 7 points/total: 53 points (after 5 weeks)
  2. chrisnbn -- no entry/45 points (4 weeks)
  3. zsxxx03 -- 7 points/44 points (4weeks)
  4. crzydcguy84 -- 3 points/38 points (5 weeks)
  5. drurd2006 -- 4 points/27 points (3 weeks)
  6. mrheenster -- 6 points/26 points (4 weeks)
  7. ardentheater -- 13 points (1 week)
  8. brldisteach -- no entry/12 points (1 week)
  9. aargabrite -- no entry/11 points (1 week)
  10. zippylizardhead --no entry/10 points (1 week)
  11. ethandavid26 -- 9 points (1 week)
  12. linc68503 --- 9 points (1 week)
  13. reverbzz -- 7 points (1 week)
  14. tangoeco -- 7 points (1 week)
  15. golfman -- no entry/7 points (1 week)
  16. jecmen24 -- no entry/7 points (1 week)
  17. cali1184 -- 6 points (1 week)
  18. laraeruiz -- 4 points (1 week)
  19. taltarzac -- 4 points (1 week)

If you've been paying attention to the box office, you know that the big news this week is that the top five stayed virtually the same as last week. The only changes are that 'Saw III' got bumped to No. 5 and 'Stranger Than Fiction' debuted a less-than expected (but still decent) No. 4 with $14.1 million.

Clearly America wanted to give Borat a royal high-five. After expanding to 2,566 theaters, the culture-class comedy took the top place once again, earning nearly $30 million this past weekend. I guess Universal looks a little less crazy now for paying $42.5 million for the worldwide rights to Sacha Baron Cohen's next comedy as one of his 'Ali G' alter-egos, 'Bruno.'

But don't cry for Will Ferrell. For one, he's a multi-millionaire comedian, and he doesn't need your tears. And two, 'Stranger' averaged more than $6,200 per theater, and that's a promising start. If you really want to feel sorry for a star, look at Russell Crowe, whose romantic comedy 'A Good Year' premiered with a pitiful $3.8 million in the No. 10 spot. That is Russell's worst opening weekend since 'A Beautiful Mind,' which was only released in 502 theaters, as opposed to 'A Good Year,' which was in a solid 2,066 sites. Ouch!

'Santa Clause 3' and 'Flushed Away' continue to go head-to-head with their numbers. My guess is that whatever family saw one of those films last week decided to see the other this week. But both will face stiff competition from the adorably charming animated comedy 'Happy Feet' this Friday, so I'm predicting this is the last week 'Santa Clause 3' can be called "the No. 1 family film in America" in its TV ads. Feel free to take that into consideration for your predictions next week. Speaking of which, that's it for my wrap-up, so
have a good week and good luck with your picks.

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