Crazy movie premises are nothing new. Sometimes they make us think the moviemakers are on drugs. Other times, a completely mundane-sounding movie will be completely brilliant. Most fall into the former category, and it takes a talented team to slide the film into the latter. Yet time after time, we go to the movies and suspend our disbelief, hoping that the film will make it all worth it. I think that the news I am about to share might have been better served on a nice shelf rather than on-screen.

New Line has picked up a project called Birth Mother. The screenplay will be written by the team of Seth Bass and Jonathan Tolins. Their pens have been busy with features from next year's Martian Child, starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet, to Santa, Inc., the story of a girl whose billionaire father owns Santa Clause. Bass is relatively new to the 'biz, but Tolins has written a number of episodes for the US version of Queer as Folk.

The movie will be about a couple who cannot conceive. Instead of going to a sperm/egg bank or adopting, they turn to the women's controlling mother. Yes folks, the movie is about a bitchy mother-in-law who must carry her daughter's child. Bass has said that while this isn't something most people would choose, that we would relate to it. I'm not so sure about that. Family politics are tricky enough. Is this something you could do?

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