If there is one thing about the Transformers movie which compels me to see it above all my doubts and concerns, it is Peter Cullen voicing Optimus Prime. It is difficult to imagine a world wherein I would not watch a movie which featured Peter Cullen as Prime, and if such a world does exist it is certainly not the one you and I occupy. However, according to Peter Cullen himself in an interview with the Oklahoman, director Michael Bay wasn't really thinking of Cullen initially. Cullen credits the "enthusiasm and stubbornness" of the fans for bringing the role home where it belongs, saying Bay was expecting to cast "big Hollywood names" until the fervor of the fans convinced him to look at the man who originated the role. Imagine his surprise when he discovered Cullen was perfect for the role. Seriously, who would have guessed the man who is Optimus Prime in the mind of most fans (and has a good amount of other voice work on his resume) would be the perfect cast choice for Optimus Prime? In the end, though, kudos to Bay for hearing the fans, giving Cullen a chance and making the correct decision.

In an amusing anecdote, Cullen told the story of his audition, in which he read opposite the part of Ironside. Having voiced for Ironside as well, Cullen asked the script assistant if she would mind him taking over the role, and he went on to complete his audition reading for both characters. Peter Cullen, I love you too.
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