• Edward L. Alperson(1925-2006) - Composer of Mohawk and I Mobster and an associate producer on Invaders from Mars (1986) and Fort Algiers. He passed away October 31, in Encino, California.
  • Claudia Bobsin(c.1944-2006) - German costume designer who worked on The Downfall, The Experiment, The Glass Cell and Bandits. She died of cancer October 23, in Munich.
  • Ed Bradley(1941-2006) - Correspondent for TV's 60 Minutes; according to the IMDb, he appeared in Russkies. He died of leukemia Thursday, in New York City.
  • Diana Coupland(1932-2006) - British comedic actress who appeared in The Millionairess, The Family Way, Charlie Bubbles, Another Life and a ton of television series. She also provided the singing voice of Lana Turner in Betrayed and of Ursula Andress in Dr. No. She died after heart surgery Friday, in Coventry, England.
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