I became forever hooked on David Lynch when I stared at Laura Palmer's prom picture. I was sitting alone in my parent's living room, all the lights off, and her smiling face matched with Angelo Badalamenti's eerie music got me. I became a passenger in Lynch's surreal car, watching his old films on a portable dvd player as we drove through a Lost Highway, passed an old man on a lawnmower, and travelled the length of Mulholland Drive.

Then, unfortunately, he was de-railed by aggravation and hid himself amongst bits, bytes, and weird, hand-drawn comics that never appealed to me the way his previous work had. For a while I mourned, re-watching Twin Peaks and my short films box set. Then came rumblings of a new film. A film that had Justin Theroux and Laura Dern. A film called Inland Empire .

We've gone overthe logistics. Lynch took years to create this film, which he shot on DV, writing it scene-by-scene, his usual actors going along without any idea of the film's plot. It's a scattered, non-linear story, one that has been promoted by a large cow. We've even shared some low-res pictures.

But now, as the limited run date approaches, JoBlo reports that crisp, high-quality stills have been released on CinEmpire, bringing visuals to all the gossip we've heard over the last few years. There are stills of the actors, from Lynchian princess Laura Dern to the delightfully creepy Grace Zabriskie, as well as behind-the-scenes shots. To me, you can't get much more Lynch than seeing him sitting cross-legged amongst film equipment, holding a smoke and reading through notes.

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