Geek news I found while laughing at Cotterpin Doozer, who has the smartest toes in all Doozerdom:

  • The official blog for Hellboy: Blood and Iron has been updated with some new information about the direct-to-DVD animated flick. As always, it looks gorgeous and sounds exciting. Hellboy is such a great property that, to me, it does well in all mediums. Well, all appropriate mediums, anyway.
  • Ghost Riderdirector Mark Steven Johnson dropped by the Superhero Hype boards to note AMC theaters will be playing a few minute "first look" at his Marvel flick with their PG-13 and R rated movies throughout December. Wonder what we'd have to do to get him commenting on one of our posts? Probably stop criticizing his film, for a start. Although in my defense, I continue to be really hopeful.
  • IGN offers an interview with Frank Miller and Zach Snyder for your consideration. Naturally, it is all about 300, which we at Cinematical continue to lavish praise upon. This probably makes our scoffing at Ghost Rider seem even more mean by comparison.
  • Sci Fi Wire talks to Lucy Lawless about her upcoming film The Darkroom. I'm not interested in such things, but if you are, you can check it out.
  • If you missed the Spidey event of the year, a spoiler trailer was obtained displaying ... Venom. Check out our own Monika Bartyzel's coverage of the piece.
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