The success of the X-Men film franchise was built first on the directorial skill of Bryan Singer, until he left after the second film to helm the Flick of Steel and passed the torch onto Brett Ratner. Singer left the X-team on very good terms with most of the cast -- and apparently on exceptionally good terms with popular star Hugh Jackman, the man who is Wolverine. In addition to putting together another Superman flick, Singer has expressed interest in returning to the Marvel-verse for the Wolverine spin-off movie.

Care to guess who else is interested in such a deal? None other than Hugh Jackman, the man who really holds all the power when it comes to his mutant movie vehicle. Wolverine is one of the most popular mutants in the comics world, and possibly the most popular mutant in the film world, and Jackman has thoroughly possessed the role since he first donned the spandex and claws and won the hearts of geeks and non-geeks alike. When quizzed about the prospect of reuniting with Singer, Jackman said: " ... it's all in negotiations, I can really...there is a list and Bryan is, sort of, at the beginning of it, so, of course, he's in the loop. So, but, it is too early for me to say." Word on the street suggests Singer will only take on the project if he feels he can fit it in before pre-production starts on his next Superman flick in late 2007.

Singer was a great fit with the franchise, and obviously knows both actor and character well. And if Jackman feels Singer would be the best fit for his Wolverine movie, I sure don't plan on disagreeing. There is a ton of potential with this flick, and yours truly can't wait to see what comes of it.
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