The rumors were so absurd, they had to be false. But there was a tiny something inside all of us that was secretly hoping it was true. Beautiful actresses baring it all, diving into a historical epic that was rumored to be Sofia Coppola's next project. I mean, c'mon -- that sucker has Oscar written all over it. And such a move wouldn't be all too surprising, seeing as Eva Longoria is desperate to work her way up the big-screen ladder and Beyoncé Knowles would probably love a role that displays her acting chops, and not that fabulous singing voice.

However, in a rare move for an actor (or actress), Longoria herself has gone on record saying rumors of her involvement in a big screen adaptation of Tipping the Velvet are false. With words that made it sound as if everyone from Tony Parker to the mailman had been questioning her about this, she said, "Stop the madness. Believe me, I would love to work with Beyoncé one day. She's so talented. But this is definitely not something we are doing together. It's completely and absolutely not true." A spokesperson for Knowles (see, this is the way it's usually done) also denied rumors, insisting they've never heard of the film. And what about Coppola? Well, Cinematical's own Ryan Stewart recently spoke to her, and the director told him she was taking some time off to have her baby, and had no plans to direct anything in the near future. Yep, looks like we can chalk this one up as some lonely reporter's after-school fantasy and not an actual fact. Go figure.

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