As the saying goes, "Nothing is certain except death and taxes," but a new documentary from James D. Scurlock is thinking we should add debt to the list. Magnolia has picked up the documentary Maxed Out, the film centers on the culture of debt and credit cards in America and the banks and companies that make a profit from it. Scurlock's film focuses on the people who have buried themselves in mortgages, loans, and credit card bills. The film also looks at the "debt industry" of bank collections and credit card companies. Scurlock has also written the book, Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders, that will hit bookstores in a timed release with the film. The book will stand alone and cover some different ground than the documentary. The film was screened at SXSW and generated interest as possibly the next big documentary hit.

Since Roger & Me, filmmakers haven't run out of subjects yet about the "plight of ordinary Americans." The film has been compared to Super Size Me and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, and since they made a big splash in the press, Maxed Out will probably get a sizable theatrical release. Magnolia is planning on releasing the film this winter -- just remember to pay cash for those tickets.

[via Movie Web]