For regular readers, it is no big secret yours truly adores The Fantastic Four. The comic book, mind you -- although I do secretly enjoy the movie far more than I have any right to. While the first flick was something of a disappointment, I continue to hold out absurd and probably entirely ungrounded hopes for the second film. After all, Doug Jones is in it, which alone should raise the standards of the movie considerably. For a while there, we were getting hit from all sides with newFantastic Four movie information -- plots, casting, etc., but recently it has quieted down to nothing more than a parade of set pictures. And so in an effort to fill the Fantastic Four void I decided to jot down some things I'd learned from the original film in what may become the first of a sequence of "things I learned from comic book movies" installments of the Geek Beat.

Keep in mind, this is based solely on the movie version of the Fantastic Four, and not the World's Greatest Comic Magazine. Some of the principles would hold true for the comics as well; some would not.

The Geek Beat Presents: Ten Things I Learned From The Fantastic Four ...

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