Apparently not content with just one comic book movie, Nic Cage is on the move from Marvel, who put together his Ghost Rider flick, to Virgin Comics, who plans to make him the star of their popular title The Sadhu. For those of you not up on your Virgin Comics -- which I realize is about 99% of the civilized world -- this means Nic Cage is going to be James Jensen, a British man who traveled to India, had his family killed, and turned into a combination soldier / Indian mystic (Sadhu).*

The screenplay will be written by Virgin co-founder Deepak Chopra, who is the father of the man who penned the comic series. Cage seems to have an in with Virgin, who is planning to publish a comics line created by Cage and his son entitled Enigma (a "voodoo-laced thriller"), which Variety tells me Virgin is also considering for a potential movie. One would imagine this would likewise star Nic Cage, but there's no reason to start talking about that yet. Oddly enough, I actually find myself intrigued by the concept of a Nic Cage-created comic book series, and will probably pick up at least the first issue when it hits in March. It also gets me thinking, what other major motion picture stars would I be willing to purchase a comic book from?

*For true fans of Sadhu, I apologize for butchering the plot into such a simplistic sentence. Feel free to spend more time explaining it fully in the comments for those who would like to hear more about it.
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