Rocchi dug it, Jette-ski dug it -- and I did too! Coming soon is Bong Joon-ho'sThe Host, which is hitting North American theaters on January 26, courtesy of Magnolia Pictures. We've already covered the slimy, slithering hell out of this Korean monster epic, but I figured that anyone psyched to see the flick might enjoy sitting through a handful of clips from The Host. (Or maybe you'd rather NOT watch a bunch of isolated and semi-spoilery scenes from a film you're already planning to see. That's probably how I'd approach it.) Either way, the option is yours.

For those who plan to enjoy The Host in its entirety, I'll skip the clip synopses. Suffice to say the movie's about a giant mutated SOMETHING that rolls out of the Han River and turns all of Seoul into its own private buffet. A family of brave-yet-inept knuckleheads are the only thing that stand between "the host" and an eternity of Korean carnage. Oh, and there's some stuff in there about diseases and infections and archery, too. It's a really fun flick.

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