A new trend in Hollywood these days finds film actors making a move to TV; Ray Liotta, James Caan, and Kiefer Sutherland all made the switch with varying levels of success. The door still swings both ways though, and plenty of actors with a steady TV job still look to the big screen.

According to Variety, Jason Clarke, who is best known for his work on Showtime's Brotherhood -- a drama about a political family with ties to the Irish Mob -- has signed to star in the noir thriller Still Waters. The indie thriller is being directed by Carolyn Miller and is currently shooting in Missouri. So far, there haven't been any other casting announcements from the production and a release date has not been set. The film centers on a shadowy drifter type who causes chaos in the lives of a happily married couple. Clarke is playing the husband in the film, so he seems to be stuck in the family man role as he also plays the "straight-laced" brother in Brotherhood.

Clarke has been in a handful of films so far, but the bulk of his work has been on TV. Although, I'm sure he would probably rather forget about those two episodes of Two Guys A Girl and A Pizza Place.
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