Los Angeles is known for many things both good and some, well, not so good. Some of these include beautiful beaches, beautiful people, movie stars, Hollywood, not having a football team, riots, traffic and, of course, air you can see. We locals refer to it as smog -- or, to put a nicer spin on it: "the thing that makes sunsets pretty."

In the past, it was always the custom around here to blame the smog on the incredible number of cars that call L.A. home and crowd its freeways day or night. But now it seems there's another culprit contributing to the pollution in L.A.: Hollywood -- at least according to a recent study highlighted at CNN.com. The two-year study, conducted by UCLA's Institute for the Environment, found that the film and television industry contribute a larger portion of the pollution in Los Angeles than almost all other sectors studied -- only petroleum manufacturers contributed more.

When conducting the study, researchers considered the pollution created directly and indirectly by the industry when engaged in activities such as special effects explosions, vehicle driving, generator use (both on-set and at studios) and massive amounts of set construction and destruction. All the things that, unfortunately, you can't make a movie or TV program without. So, if you happen to be in Los Angeles in the near future and are having a hard time catching your breath, don't blame it all on the cars stuck on the freeway with you. Instead, put some of the blame on Hollywood for contributing to your misery. Hey, you're already miserable at the movies watching many of the films that get released these days, so so why not after you leave the theater too?
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