Hey, yo Cinematical readers -- are you ready for some, like, Rocky Balboa or what? Yeah, so he's a bit old, his son thinks he's nuts and the entire world is betting against him. But it's Rocky baby. And just the chance to see another musical training montage should be worth the price of admission. Add to that a slew of slurred, yet eloquent one-liners -- "It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about hard you can get hit and keep moving forward" -- and you've got yourself one of this year's most anticipated films.

The final trailer for Rocky Balboa has just hit the net, and if this doesn't pump you up for the film -- I'm talking classic theme music mixed with the opening to Eye of the Tiger -- then do everyone a favor and stay away from the theater. Personally, this is one of those sequels I'm really looking forward to. Mainly, it's because Sylvester Stallone is not trying to re-invent, re-imagine or re-whatever -- he's giving us exactly what we expect from a Rocky film: Plenty of punches, plenty of Stallone and, most importantly, plenty of heart. Pic hits theaters December 22. Admit it, you're already there.