I kid you not, a teaser trailer for Fred Claus has just hit the net ... and the film doesn't come out until November 9, 2007. So, while you're watching it, keep in mind the fact that you won't get to see this for another year. One whole year. But that shouldn't take anything away from how funny Paul Giamatti looks as Santa Claus. As far as Vince Vaughn goes, well, you're looking at a typical low life-turned- holiday hero Vaughn performance.

Also, the teaser features no actual scenes from the movie. Instead, it appears they threw Giamatti and Vaughn on a couch and told the two to improvise some shtick. Basically, Vaughn plays Santa's idiotic bum of a brother, Fred, and at some point gets a shot to redeem himself by moving to the North Pole to help the fat bearded guy out with the upcoming holiday season. Also starring in the pic are Rachel Weisz, Kevin Spacey and Elizabeth Banks -- it's also directed by David Dobkin, who was the man behind Wedding Crashers. After taking another look at the pic's supposed release date, is it just me or do you find it hard to take in a cuddly Christmas flick in early November? I mean, do you think the early release of Santa Clause 3 hurt its numbers this past weekend, or was Borat just too tough to beat? It's hard enough to look at Christmas decorations and advertisements immediately after Halloween, but do we have to be force-fed Christmas-themed movies as well?

[via Coming Soon]