Fresh from her recent split from Black Crowes front man Chris Robinson, the delightfully funny and super-cute Kate Hudson is returning to wedding territory, but not with a new marriage. Instead, she's jumped into a new film project -- the romantic comedy Bride Wars. The pic, according to Variety, recently got the green light from financier New Regency for producers Julie Yorn and Alan Riche and will be Hudson's next film after she wraps A Dream of Red Mansionsfor director Bruce Beresford.

The film, which concerns best friends who also happen to be brides with the exact same wedding date who won't back down, is being written by June Raphael and Casey Wilson from an original pitch by Greg DePaul. Apparently, Hudson has been looking to set this film up for over a year but the financing only recently came together. The fact that it took her so long to get this film going seems a little strange to me -- even with how long it normally takes to set up a project in Hollywood. It's a romantic comedy, and Hudson has aptly demonstrated her abilities in that arena several times in the past in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Raising Helen and the under-appreciated indie 200 Cigarettes.

It seems like it should have been a slam-dunk to get this pic set up given Hudson's involvement and her desire to see it happen. I'm sure its not her fault and we can probably just chalk it up to some of those pesky "creative differences" Hollywood is so famous for. No word on additional casting or a start date for Bride Wars but when there is, rest assured, we'll bring it to you. If you can't always count on understanding Hollywood, at least you can always count on us.
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