Universal Pictures has picked up a romantic comedy pitch by Jessi Klein called Walk of Shame, with Stuber/Parent set to produce. Currently, the main plot is being kept hush hush, but it will supposedly revolve around a group of single New Yorkers who blah blah blah ... and then one of them finally finds love. Deal marks the first feature script sale for Klein, who once worked as a development exec for Comedy Central, as well as a stand-up comedian. Recently, she sold a comedy script to NBC about the behind-the-scenes world of an Oprah-like self-help show.

Even though they're being tight-lipped about the story, those of you who have spent time in a dorm room should know what the "Walk of Shame" is. Usually the phrase is geared toward women (though I suppose it could be applied to men too), and is used to describe a person who's walking home following a one-night stand, dressed in the same clothes they were wearing the night before. That, my friends, is the "Walk of Shame." Since women usually wear some sort of sexy outfit when enjoying a night out on the town, it's often easier to spot "The Walk" each morning because, well, who wears a tight leather mini-skirt and a low-cut tank top to class or work? Unless you went to school on Long Island (as I did) -- you'd be shocked to see some of the outfits those girls wore to their morning classes.

In case you feel like avoiding "The Walk" in the future, there's a survival guide out there for you to check out. Not, like, I've read it or anything. I suppose it would be a bit too personal, but you know I have to ask: Who out there has taken the Walk of Shame?

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