Not so very long ago, actor Shia LaBeouf, whom I affectionately refer to as "the Even Stevens kid," described the process of filming the Transformers flick as "war." Apparently, the film was very physically exhausting for him, and he really felt beat up by the end. In a recent interview, LaBeouf expounded on his tale of woe, explaining just how tough filming was. According to LaBeouf, "To go from Emilio Estevez to Michael Bay is like walking out of, you know, like in a hammock in the sky, hanging out drinking Pina Coladas with Jesus and then getting smacked in the face and thrown in the devil's s**pile and having to make a movie." LaBeouf later described his Transformers director by saying "He's so hard on his actors ... Mike is just f**king a hard a**." I encourage you to read the entire interview to hear his full thoughts on Bay, because he also talks about appreciating how hard Bay pushed -- I don't want to give the impression the kid hated his director or anything. He just thought he was mean, tough, and punishing.

Now swing by Playbill News, and read the thoughts of actress Julie White, who plays LaBeouf's mom in the film. White say Bay was a joy to work with: "I thought he would be like some kind of crazed, you know, megalomaniacal control freak and he is exactly the opposite." Granted, there is probably a great deal of difference between how a director treats a "mom" figure in his movie and how he treats his central human star, but there is still quite a lot of disparity in these two descriptions of Michael Bay. Which do you suppose is closer to the truth?
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