Casino Royale will achieve what no other Bond film has done before, as it will be officially allowed to screen on Chinese movie screens. Since Dr. No in 1963, China's board of censors has denied entry to every single Bond movie. For those of you keeping count, that's nineteen films. It's the first time the film will be seen in Chinese cinemas, but definitely not the first time a Bond film has been seen on Chinese DVD players since they have such a brisk black market for pirated DVD copies.

This is a massive score for Sony, as it means a lot more box office take for this film (China expects it to be one of their highest-grossing films of the year), and that translates to more revenue. It also allows them to establish a more important foothold in the Chinese market. Sony is probably crossing their fingers that this will make it that much easier to release the next Bond film there. If they want to keep this relationship working well, then hopefully they will keep films like Bewitched out of the pipeline to keep the Chinese government happy. We wouldn't wish that film on any foreign power.

What would really be nice is if this would open up the possibility of a Bond film shooting in China. Imagine Bond being sent deep into the Orient on assignment to track down the source of pirated DVDs. Come on, that sucker just writes itself. As long as Daniel Craig doesn't try to wear an Asian disguise like Sean Connery did in You Only Live Twice, we should be okay.