One of the films I'm definitely looking forward to next month is Dreamgirls, director Bill Condon's adaptation of the popular Broadway musical. Awhile back, we heard from a few people who loved the pic while it was going through its test screening phase, and now that it's about to make an official debut on December 15, some early screenings are producing rave reviews. So, does the final product hold up? According to a review over at Towleroad, not only does it sparkle and shine, but it could be a classic in the making.

Oh, but it's not even Jamie Foxx, Danny Glover, Eddie Murphy or Beyoncé Knowles who steal this show -- Towleroad feels "This is Jennifer Hudson's movie and she is astonishing." Cinematical's own Richard von Busack (who took in an early screening in San Francisco) felt the same exact way, telling us (quite simply) that "Hudson took over the picture." He also added the fact that there were tons of ovations, a scene Towleroad also experienced. They say, "I can't remember the last time I saw an audience provide such physical and vocal responses to onscreen performances. It's a great feeling to come to a film with high expectations and have them exceeded as that's so often not the case."

But who is Jennifer Hudson and where did she come from? Well, those of you die hard American Idol nuts will remember her from the Fantasia season where fans were shocked to see her get the boot after making it into the top seven. Now, she's scored a huge role in Dreamgirls -- one that might even garner her some Oscar attention. Imagine that? Feel free to check out more of the Towleroad review (beware of spoilers) or, better yet, do yourself a favor and take a look at the film's trailer.

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