I have a thing for Modernists like William Faulkner. They experimented, making crazy use of spaces and fragmented morsels of goodness. By breaking the black and white boundaries and turgid structure, a whole world of grey appeared. When I read As I Lay Dying, I was blown away that someone could write about something that sounded so boring, and make it so damned interesting.

For a while, the most we could hope for was a Faulkner adaptation here or there, or the re-make of one of the films he wrote during his stint in Hollywood. Now, the Los Angeles Times has revealed that many of his films are in the works -- including a never-before-seen screenplay. Lee Caplin, producer of Ali, has had access to Faulkner's works. He hopes to adapt The Sound and the Fury, Oprah wants Light in August, and Caplin is also looking for a writer to pen a Lynch-like movie from Golden Land.

But forget the adaptations. They can so easily be as terrible as they could be great -- it's a crapshoot. But the screenplay, oh delicious literature! Within the demands of contract screenwriting, Faulkner found time to create a vampire film set in Eastern Europe . Granted this could easily be as bad as an adaptation. With his legacy as a Nobel Prize winner, expectations will be enormous. However, I'm prepared to think of it as a pulp, candy fix of Modernist delights. If it's crappy, I can try to delight in it like Clash of the Titans -- and if it's great, all the better!

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