I'm not one of those anything-goes liberals when it comes to culture; I'm not a fusty, sweater vest-wearing reactionary, either. There are things I'll watch that offend my sensibilities in many films, which is good -- as Fran Leibowitz says, being offended is a natural consequence of leaving your house. There are also things which offend my sensibilities that I won't watch. I'm no fan of the MPAA, but as much as huge, faceless boards can make mistakes, so too can individuals. I see a lot of advance screenings -- much as a surgeon washes his hands a certain amount, although I don't have to open the door to the theater with my elbows -- and some of them are private, small affairs for the press and some of them are big, bustling affairs for the general public with a few press along for the ride. Each has their ups and their downs, their advantage and drawbacks. Last night, at a screening of Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, I could peek down my row and see two very young kids sitting with their dad. Watching the film, from opening fart joke to third-act wang joke and graceful, touching bong-hit special effects sequence finale. I am not a parent, and I know that movies are fun, and free movies even more so, but I felt like I did watching the kids who I could see at the advance screening of Freddy Versus Jason: Someone didn't have to pay for a sitter, but, damn, they're gonna pay for it in therapy.

What did you see at the movies this week? Off-screen, I mean?

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