Bond is back, and he's bloody awesome. I'm sure you've heard the hype by now that 'Casino Royale' is the best 007 adventure since the dawn of the Reagan era and that Daniel Craig far surpasses any expectations (or lack thereof) we might have had. Believe it. Much was made of Craig's "un-Bond-like" blondness, but come on folks, ass-kicking is colorblind. Well, hair color at least. Really the only thing that bothered me about Craig was his freakishly blond, almost translucent eyebrows. Dude kinda looks like a Delta Sigma Feta pledge. But enough about the movie, onto last week's winner and today's mission.

After a strong showing the week before, many of you Caption Inserters (sounds dirty, doesn't it?) took this past week off. But that shouldn't tarnish snowskatinrunner's hard-fought victory. Not bad for a jock, snowskatinrunner. See the winning caption below:

Evan Almighty movie

"Wow. I can see my tonsils in the reflection from this dude's head."
-- snowskatinrunner

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Since Will Ferrell in 'Stranger Than Fiction' may not have wowed enough of you into posting (OK, we admit, it was a hard picture), the photo below will hopefully be a treat for men, women and Jamie Lee Curtis's alike. You may be tempted to go the lewd route, we plea for you to keep it clean. However double entendres aren't just welcome, they're encouraged (this is Bond). There's nothing secret about this game, so invite your friends and family to play, and Godspeed!

Casino Royale movie

"Camera One. Camera Two. Camera One. Camera Two." --MoviefoneKevin

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