Right up front I'll say that Neil Marshall's horror film The Descent is one hell of a scary piece of filmmaking. I've seen a few horror films in my time (ok, more than a few) but this one actually scared me at many points while I was watching it. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say The Descent is one of the scariest, most well done, horror films I've seen in many years. Certainly, it's far superior to the majority of the Splat-packingSaw clones we've been graced with at the theaters of late.

Plus, keep in mind that The Descent was not Marshall's first film. He also directed the very impressive, but less scary, Dog Soldiers. So, The Descent was no fluke; this guy has got some talent. That said, what does my nominee for best horror director of the last few years do for an encore? Not another horror film, exactly -- although from the description it does seem to have some horror elements. Instead, according to Sci-Fi Wire, Marshall will follow up The Descent with a futuristic action thriller called Doomsday for Rogue Pictures and producers Steven Paul and Benedict Carver.

Marshall will also be writing the script for Doomsday, which tells a story set three decades after a biological catastrophe that leads citizens of a city to close themselves off from the rest of the world by building a large wall around their city. Then, when the biological agent that caused the catastrophe resurfaces in another country, an elite group is sent to that country to find a cure. In addition to Marshall's involvement with Doomsday, it was also announced that the stunning Rhona Mitra, recently of the TV series Nip/Tuck and the upcoming films Skinwalkers and The Number 23with Jim Carrey, will be joining the cast of Doomsday. Mitra will play the leader of the elite team sent into the plague-ridden wasteland in search of the cure.

As a huge fan of Marshall, his films and the super-hot Rhona Mitra, I'm especially interested in seeing this. To me, it sounds like Marshall is combining the best elements of The Descent and Dog Soldiers to make this new film. If he's successful (and I have every confidence he will be) Doomsday could definitely turn out to be a worthy successor to The Descent. No word on other casting but production is scheduled to begin in early 2007.
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