I was babysitting my little cousin when the cops trailed OJ Simpson on the highway. I was in awe. It seemed to lack all sorts of sense. Here was a guy who was currently making a living making us giggle alongside Leslie Nielson. All of a sudden, he was heading a slow police chase as if it were a Sunday drive.

The Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman murders ended OJ's film career. I thought it was because OJ wanted to keep his "found-innocent" self out of the spotlight, especially after a civil court ruled that he was responsible. I assumed he was respectfully stopping his career in lieu of a whole bunch of people who didn't buy his innocence. I guess I was wrong.

I can barely believe this as I type it, but the New York Times reports that Simpson has written a book that covers how he would have done the crimes, if he had, you know, done them. The working title, I kid you not, O.J. Simpson: If I Did It, Here's How It Happened. Simpson is planning to share his murderous techniques both in the book and in a television special. Why?

Is he doing this for money? He's got a lot of people to pay off from that civil case. Is he trying to show that it couldn't be him because of how it was done? Even that is flimsy. Whatever the reason, the guy definitely has some screws loose. My next question: Will Simpson's book become a movie? I don't know what I'd do if How I Would Kill Ron and Nicole found its way to the screen.

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