Call me cynical, but I have a really hard time getting excited about any film that Brett Ratner is involved with. Although, I guess I should give him a break because he's done some good work on films like, um, wait a minute, ah, well I'm sure there has to be one. Oh yeah, I enjoyed X-Men: The Last Stand. He directed that one, right? Although, that film was pretty much director-proof at this point in the franchise and if I know my Brett Ratner (and I do) I'm pretty sure he phoned that one in.

However, It seems someone must like what he's doing because they keep giving him films to direct -- and now, he's got another one. According to Production Weekly, Ratner, who is currently shooting the much-anticipated Rush Hour 3, has attached himself to an as yet untitled heist drama cleverly known as The Untitled Brett Ratner Project. And that's not all. Try to follow me here and I promise to do my best not to let the sarcasm come through too much. Joining Ratner in this new film, which is being written by Inside Man scribe Russell Gewirtz and tells the story of two Trump Tower janitors who plan an elaborate heist to steal from the building's luxury tenants, are Chris Rock and -- wait for it -- Eddie Murphy. Yes, you read that right -- Eddie Murphy. Apparently, Murphy will be segueing into Ratner's film right after he finishes up starring in The Untitled Eddie Murphy/Romeo and Juliet Project. Yes, I'm serious.

I'll admit I'm a little conflicted here because I did think Inside Man was a very well written film so The Untitled Brett Ratner Project has that going for it. And, I'm a fan of Chris Rock's stand-up and HBO show. However, when you throw Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy into the mix and combine that with a story ensuring the inevitable cameo appearance by Donald Trump and his bad rug -- all I can say is "Ratner, you're fired!" The UBRP (which sort of sounds like "burp", doesn't it?) is scheduled to start production this March in New York with an inevitable appearance at your local Blockbuster soon after.
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