Unfortunately one of the most popular ways to hype a movie is to release a bunch of clips ahead of time -- but what purpose does that serve, really? All you're doing is spoiling small stretches of the movie for yourself; all the time wondering when "the fridge scene" or "that bit with the poodle" is about to hit the screen. But sometimes, like a little kid who can't wait for his birthday presents, I steal a few glances at the pre-release packages and try to enjoy the goodies. Not long ago we gave you the option to enjoy five isolated scenes from the Korean monster mash known as The Host, and today Fox Atomic has delivered a whole bunch of Turistas treats to all the coolest horror sites.

Turistas, for those who don't regularly read my horror-obsessed babblings, is about a group of VERY beautiful young adults who run afoul of something VERY unpleasant while enjoying the hedonistic pleasures of Brazil -- and I'm going out on a limb when I surmise that some of these hotties won't be heading home after the holiday. Directed by John Stockwell and written by first-timer Michael Ross, Turistas counts among its lovelies Olivia Wilde, Melissa George and Beau Garrett. Oh, and somemaleactors too.

Anyway, head on over to Arrowhead's if you want to pick through all sorts of EPK goodness from Turistas: Two trailers, five movie clips and more than a half-dozen interview-style soundbites ... all of which exist to convince YOU that Turistas is worthy of your ten-dollar investment come December 1. So far it looks like something the horror-hounds will devour ... but we've all thought that sort of thing before, now haven't we?
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