We thought she was going to be the new Bond girl, but don't worry about Rose Byrne; she's been pretty busy since not being picked off the massive list of potential Bond girls. Up until now, her film credits included Troy and Wicker Park -- neither much to brag about, but despite being passed over for Casino Royale, Byrne seems to be picking up projects right and left.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that the Australian-born actress has signed on for the black comedy, Pushing Up Daises, with Jay Baruchel (Million Dollar Baby). The film was written and directed by Chaz Thorne and revolves around a local funeral parlor that is having a severe customer shortage. Baruchel's character inherits a failing small town funeral home and hires a new embalmer (Rose Byrne) who has some unconventional ideas on how they can drum up some new business. So while this is a comedy, it's obviously a black comedy -- my guess is that the body count could get pretty high.

The film is currently shooting in Halifax, Canada, and there is no word of a release date. Byrne also has the upcoming Danny Boyle sci-fi flick, Sunshine, which is wrapped and set for a 2007 release. Keeping busy, she's also working on the sequel to Boyle's 28 Days Later, (28 Weeks Later) which is still in production.

[via Empire Online]
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