If you're a horror fan who's even close to my age, then you probably have a geek-crush on filmmaker Eric Red -- and you might not even know it. Mr. Red made a big splash in the genre arena with The Hitcher in 1986, and his Near Dark (1987) would eventually go on to become a bona-fide cult classic -- even if it didn't exactly set the world on fire upon its original release. After those successes, the guy wrote and/or directed flicks like the little-seen Cohen and Tate (1989, Roy Scheider & Adam Baldwin), the intense Blue Steel (1990, Ron Silver & Jamie Lee Curtis), the semi-clever Body Parts (1991, Jeff Fahey & Kim Delaney), the really solid The Last Outlaw (1994, Mickey Rourke & Dermot Mulroney), the bizarre Undertow (1996, Lou Diamond Phillips & Mia Sara), the half-decent Bad Moon (1996, Michael Pare & Mariel Hemingway) -- and then ... nothing.

What happened to Eric Red? Well, part of it was a horrific car crash in 2000 in which two people were killed, the details of which can be found in this LA Times article. (The headline reads: "Horror filmmaker Eric Red crashed his Jeep, killing two. Then he slit his own throat. That was only the beginning." Yikes!) But now it looks like the guy is primed for a big-time comeback and, as The Arrow tells us, Eric Red's got a pretty nifty idea for a ghost story.

The 100 Feet plot goes like this: An abused wife kills her horrible husband, only he was a cop, and now his ex-partner is staking the widow out, desperately hoping she'll set off her ankle collar so he can cart her back to jail. So all she has to do is stay in the house, right? Well, yeah, but the evil ghost of her dead husband has other plans for his former Mrs.!! (I think it's a pretty cool concept, so there.) Mr. Red tells Mr. Arrow that "This is an elevated, old school and classical supernatural thriller that relies on suspense, character and suggestion," but he also promises a little gore, too. Cool. 100 Feet begins shooting in Hungary early next year.
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