This whole "will there be a fourth X-Menmovie" is turning into a game. Someone really should collect all the quotes coming from everyone involved and stack them up against each other just to see who contradicts who. It can be like Civil War ... "whose side are you on?" A handful of prominent X-actors, including Patrick Stewart, are fully convinced another sequel will happen. Recent talk by Marvel bigwigs would seem to give weight to their argument, although nothing resembling a real plan has been discussed. A larger handful of prominent X-actors are fully convinced the series is finished, and talk from director Brett Ratner seems to give weight to the argument. And now, another mutant actor shares his thoughts on sequel possibilities.

So, Iceman, whose side are you on? Shawn Ashmore, the man who is Iceman, says "there are rumors about an X-Men 4 but as far as I've been told X3 was going to be the last big ensemble X-Men movie. I would love if they made another one, but I'm not sure that they will." He is under contract for another film, though, just in case. Ashmore also addressed the "new mutants" rumors, saying he's heard of the idea, but only from the internet. As far as he knows, nobody official or important has talked about it.

If this franchise dies down, and the Spider-Man franchise finishes up after a third film, what do you suppose is the future of Marvel movies? They are gearing up for a big Avengers flick, but can they continue to carry box office momentum until 2009 or 2010 without their big bread winners?
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